Original Love

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Book Cover from Original Love by Henry Shukman

336 pages
Publishing date: 07/09/2024

Hardcover book $26.99



The essential meditation guide for the twenty-first century: renowned mindfulness teacher Henry Shukman replaces the concept of original sin with original love, teaching us to tap into the love that shapes our world and can transform who we are.

An increasing number of people today feel disconnected, disengaged, and lonely. Many of us are seeking solace, beginning with ourselves. Original Love is the secular spiritual handbook we need to ease our troubles and find the highest possible happiness.

Henry Shukman, spiritual director of Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, provides a way forward based on four paths—Mindfulness, Support, Absorption, and Awakening—that promote growth and healing through meditation for practitioners of any level. And it works! Shukman includes inspiring stories from the students of his Original Love program that reveal how it has transformed their lives.


“Henry Shukman shows us how to come home again. He’s been a teacher for me, opening doors of insight and inner freedom, and also a friend. Henry brings you into the immediacy of his own realization, his own experience of the real home that lives through each of us, breath after breath.”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha’s Brain, from the foreword

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